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Utterly Heartless


Latin professor Linnea Nil wakes up dead one day and discovers that, on the basis of her academic credentials, she's been assigned to Hades. She seeks the help of the poet Vergil and learns that her missing heart may be her ticket to redemption--unless the goon squad from Hades reaches her first. 

Dori Amore is reeling after her best friend's murder. But she's even more taken aback when the dead professor asks Dori to track down the missing heart. Can the heart put her friend's soul to rest? Does the task put Dori herself in mortal danger? And can she get something going with the cute guy who works at the morgue?



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"A delicious romp through academia and the classics!"

--Jill Kelly, author of  Fog of Dead Souls and
When Your Mother Doesn't

           From the Book

     Linnea sat back in her seat. “I think I'm dead,” she said.

    The old man held her gaze, searching her face with those piercing bright eyes. “I think you are, too,” he told her, “but let's be certain. May I?” He took her wrist in his bony hands, his knuckles big with arthritis, and felt for her pulse. “Nothing,” he said after a moment. “May I touch your carotid artery?”

     Linnea nodded, frightened and fascinated.

    The elderly little man pressed two fingers against her throat. “Tabula rasa,” he said. “Dead you are, my dear.”

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