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Fun facts about Jan:

  • Jan Underwood has lived in six countries and all the time zones in the U.S. except Hawaii.

  • She speaks fluent Spanish, decent French, passable Italian and execrable German.

  • At one time in her life, she could sit on her hair.

  • Her superpowers include singing on-key (mostly) and being able to wear wool next to her skin.

  • She can also go abruptly without coffee and not get a headache. But why would someone go without coffee?

  • She is not at all afraid of spiders, snakes or heights. She's working on her fear of authority figures.



Jan Underwood lives in Portland, Oregon, which, with its endless rains and offbeat culture, has inspired the magic realist cities in her books. She has taught for more than 25 years at Portland Community College. 



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