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Day Shift Werewolf

Winner of the 28th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest


A vegetarian werewolf, a claustrophobic mummy, an  attention-deficit zombie and other monsters with neuroses struggle to maintain their credibility.


This collection of linked stories won the 28th Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest with its funny, humane and original spin on the horror genre.



Sadly, Day Shift Werewolf is now out of print, but you can drop Jan Underwood a line to see if you can get a copy directly from her.

"These funny and believable characters sparkle without being obvious or overwritten and their individual tales remind us of the value of all creatures." 
--Geist Magazine

          From the Book

       Time was when most of us made a decent living by putting in a reasonable number of hours, you know? Guys like Lobo and Jack, they were table setters. And I was one of them. A little on the low side in terms of the numbers I brought in, but nothing to be ashamed of. And the work environment was supportive. It wasn't this cutthroat competition. But then they started bringing in these big beefy guys. They'll do their wolfing at, say, a rock concert, where they get twenty, thirty bodies a night. Those guys make a killing.

“The humour is very subtle and giggle-to-yourself funny… It’s great for reading on a train or in a café because it’s just the right size for a handbag."

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