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Zesty work that makes excellent before­- or after­-dinner reading, Underwood's prose is both sweet and tart, with bold notes of joie de vivre balancing moderate tannin levels. Its complex themes and characters make it full and generous, while rewarding the reader with a bouquet of satire and a characteristic, slightly nutty finish. Pair with cheese.


Fault Lines Cover.jpg

Exploring life in a climate-altered near future, these nine stories are occasionally whimsical, often grim, and always deeply human in their response to catastrophe.

Latin professor Linnea Nil wakes up dead one day and discovers that, on the basis of her academic credentials, she's been assigned to Hades. 

An unproductive werewolf, a claustrophobic mummy, a demon with a hidden human and other incompetent monsters struggle to maintain their street cred.

Three unlikely companions must navigate their relationship to life and death traveling in a war zone. 


work in progress

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