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Utterly Heartless

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Who would kill a Latin professor and cut her heart out?
A jealous colleague? A union-busting dean? Or a student,
driven to violence by the treacheries of Latin syntax?

Linnea Nil wakes up dead one day and discovers that,
on the basis of her academic credentials, she's been assigned
to Hades. She seeks the help of the poet Vergil and learns
that her missing heart may be her ticket to redemption--
unless the goon squad from Hades reaches her first. 

Dori Amore is reeling after her best friend's murder. But she's
even more taken aback when the dead professor asks Dori to
track down the missing heart. Can the heart put her friend's
soul to rest? Does the task put Dori herself in mortal danger?
And can she get something going with the cute guy
who works at the morgue?

Jan Underwood's funny second novel is a murder mystery,
a satire on the high cost of college, a work of magic realism
and a love song to the Romance languages. 

A "setup . . . akin to a buzzy Scandinavian crime thriller, but . . . actually something rarer and more exciting: a delightfully offbeat academic mystery that offers genuine emotion alongside sharp, witty satire . . . Both hilarious and thought-provoking. Which aspects of our lives define who we are? How do we know what we deserve, and how can we prove it? Utterly Heartless's exploration of these questions is both tender and irreverent. . . Vividly drawn emotional lives give each character . . . depth and meaning. Utterly Heartless is undoubtedly a great read for classics buffs, for academics, and for mystery lovers, but it's also sure to please any reader who just wants an innovative story and characters with, yes, heart."   Read the full review

"A delicious romp through academia and the Classics."
-- Jill Kelly, author of The Color of Longing

"What a horrid world these folks are living in, but how delightfully
quirky they are all. Fabulous plotting! What a satisfying read!"
-- Theresa Martin, author of
Round Earth, Flat Earth

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